Honors Summer Snapshots: Elizabeth

Ever wonder what Honors students do during the summer? Honors Ambassadors and students will be taking you into their 2017 summer routines via photos. Today you get a two-fer from Elizabeth Garzon, Junior in Environmental Science and Global Resource Systems and summer intern with Cargill, featuring her visit from fellow Honors student Bryn Myers (Junior in Genetics):

Hello everyone! My name is Elizabeth Garzon and I am a junior at Iowa State double majoring in Global Resource Systems and Environmental Science. I am also an Undergraduate Assistant for the Honors Program and of course, a proud Honors student. This summer I have the amazing opportunity to live and work in the Bay Area. I am an Environmental Intern for Cargill at their salt facility in Newark, CA. Today marks the end of my 4th week here at Cargill and I have already learned so much about myself and the industry.  So today for my snapshot I decided to write about a typical day in the life of an intern mixed with the excitement and adventure that comes with living in the Bay Area. Today is not a normal day by any means as my best friend and past First Year Honors co-leader Bryn is here visiting for the weekend (proof that Honors can bring the greatest people into your life). Therefore, I decided to take a half day off of work so we could start exploring the area.

5:30 am: *insert alarm clock sound here* Rise and shine! Every day since I’ve moved here I’ve done hot yoga at a local studio. I figured when in California, one must take advantage of the top notch yoga studios. Bryn, my roommate Shelby and I slept walked out the door and drove 5 minutes to Xplore Yoga in the misty bay weather.

7:00 am: Half-dead and happy we made it through our hour long class. Here’s a nasty picture of Bryn and I just happy to be outside in the semi-cool weather for proof:

7:30 am: Armed with Starbucks and a breakfast sandwich, we head back to my apartment for a quick shower before work!

8:15 am: After getting stuck behind a train for 15 minutes, I finally get to work a little late but awake and ready to take on my half day. My morning normally consists of checking my email, saying good morning to people in the office, and getting myself organized for the day.

8:30 am: Every day I head over to the engineering department and attend the engineering team’s meeting. Even though I’m not an engineering student or intern, going to the meetings helps me keep in the loop of what other departments are doing and how the company functions on a larger scale. Plus, it’s a great way for me to get to know other employees and offer my help when their projects involve anything environmental or waste related.

9:00 am: Heading back to my desk, I start editing a training document I’ve been putting together for the employees here at our facility. California has very strong environmental regulations and they require our employees to be trained and aware of several environmental policies. For the past few weeks, I’ve been meeting with stakeholders and supervisors to make sure the training presentation is comprehensive and engaging for employees.

Here are some awkward pictures of me at my desk to give you some perspective on where I spend part of my day!

11:00 am: For the last hour of my day, I meet with my supervisor and talk about future projects and goals for my internship.

12:00pm: And I’m off! I head back to my apartment to get Bryn, change, and get ready for the rest of the day.

1:30 pm: When in California, one must eat sushi. Bryn and I head to the Willow Glen district in downtown San Jose to grab some sushi and talk about our summer. It was nothing short of amazing. Not many things better than a bento box for lunch!

3:00 pm: After a quick coffee break after lunch, Bryn and I went next door to a candle studio and made our own candles. There’s a bunch of quirky little businesses in the area and we wanted to do something new and different for the both of us. Basically you pick out a candle mold, wax colors, and wax figures and you spent the next hour or so smashing up the wax and filling the mold. Then we picked our scents and poured the seal on our new candles.

5:00 pm. If you’re a nerd at heart and ever in the Bay Area, I would highly suggest making your way to Stanford. Bryn and I walked around for over an hour past the tourists gawking at the central campus and onto less beaten paths. We had about zero clue where we were going but we are two 20-year old college students so no one even blinked when we passed them by. It’s a gorgeous campus with a lot of history and amazing research. We walked around a few buildings and looked at some students’ research posters. What else would we be doing on a Friday night???

7:00 pm. Downtown Palo Alto is the place to eat if you want to try something new yet eat locally sourced food. We ate at Local Union 271, a cute restaurant with good food and TVs to watch the Warriors game. Here are some pictures from dinner:

If you’re not in the NBA loop, the Golden State Warriors are currently in the NBA finals. We wanted to go watch the game somewhere in the area just in case they won and we could be a part of the atmosphere. Unfortunately, they lost on Friday but everyone expected that to happen so they could come win the finals back in the Bay Area! Honestly I’m not a huge basketball fan but it’s a good time to become one.

8:30 After dinner, we headed back to our apartment in Newark and hung out and played rummy until we could barely keep our eyes open. It was a perfect end to the chaotic yet successful day.

Living in California for the summer is everything I dreamed of and more. Every weekend my roommate and I travel around, try new things, and learn what it’s like to be a young adult in a big city. There are endless museums, art galleries, different cuisines, and small treasures to find. I’m incredibly grateful for my internship, my friendship with Bryn, and all the adventures to come. See you back in August Honors!

With love from the Bay,

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