Honors Summer Snapshots: Phaedra

Ever wonder what Honors students do during the summer? Honors Ambassadors and students will be taking you into their 2017 summer routines via photos. Your favorite future optometrist Phaedra Lipsey has been all over the midwest before she has to report for Community Advisor (CA) training in about 2o minutes:

My name is Phaedra Lipsey, and I will be a junior majoring in Global Resource Systems and minoring in Microbiology. This summer I have been working as a nanny for three boys in Ames and doing a little bit of everything!

Earlier this summer I spent a lot of time on campus giving residence hall tours to new students during orientation. I loved my time as a tour guide because I got to meet some of my future residents and show off my favorite side of campus!

This is me proudly displaying my home for this coming school year. I will be returning to Willow for my second year as a Community Adviser.

Since I have lived in Ames for almost my entire life, getting out of town for a little while is necessary. One fun activity away from Ames this summer was the Des Moines Arts Festival. The weather was beautiful, and my high school friends and I were able to enjoy art, music, and food!

We found a good spot on the grass to wait for Saint Motel to perform.

The highlight of my summer so far was traveling to Chicago for a week and spending time at the Illinois College of Optometry. After graduating from Iowa State, I will be attending optometry school for four years. This summer program in Chicago was a chance for me to learn about one possible school and everything that being an optometrist entails. I spent a lot of time in the classroom during the week. Some sessions covered topics that pertained to getting into optometry school like Admissions 101 or Interview Prep, but there were also sessions that were focused on the experiences of an optometry student such as the Cornea and Contact Lens Clinic or Neuroanatomy Lab. During the week I learned a lot about optometry and Chicago, and it was so much fun!

Obviously I had to take a picture in my honors shirt at the largest optometry school in the nation.


I was absolutely just like any other tourist, so I took pictures at Navy Pier, on Michigan Avenue, and in Millennium Park. Have you ‘bean’ here? Haha I’m hilarious!


These are all of the lovely people I spent the week with!

My most recent summer adventure was spending the weekend on Lake Okoboji with some of my friends from honors housing freshman year. (Shout-out to Martin Starbuck!!) It was great to see friends from Iowa State, and spend a lot of time in the sun!

We lived together in Martin our first year and have been great friends ever since!

I hope everyone is having a good summer! I will be back on campus the first day of August for Community Adviser training, so think of me while you are still on your summer break. Enjoy the next few weeks!


One comment on “Honors Summer Snapshots: Phaedra

  1. Molly Walker says:

    Hi Phaedra! Sounds like you are having a great summer! I am an ISU alumni and I attended ICO from 2005-2009. If you have any questions about ICO or transitioning from ISU to optometry school please feel free to reach out to me. I practice here in Iowa an I am also a member of the Iowa Optometric Association. One of my favorite things to do is help students from our great state of Iowa get ready to be great ODs! Cheers!

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